SimBiotic Games is currently seeking $1,700,000 in funding to produce our debut project, a multi-platform, multi-player game. 

As a browser based 3d game it will be directly available to player's with modems via an easy download. Additionally, game content will allow interaction through wireless PDAs and cell phones, giving the player several options to check in on the game no matter where they are. 

Due to the game's online only nature we will be able to develop it in increments as subscription revenues grow, allowing a lower investment and risk than standard game models to bring us to profitability.

This game has many virtues that are uncommon in today's game market.  It will:  

  • Offer a rare high quality game in which violence is completely absent!
    Build interactive communitiesówith friends, family, distant relatives and others with a passion for the same subject.
  • Draw girls into computer use.
  • Provide rich educational content while entertaining.
  • Portray timeless content that has inspired human passion for uncounted generations.
  • Engage a virtually untapped market- appeals to an already existing, loyal, passionate community currently lacking in titles of interest.