Karen Laur, President and CEO
Karen is an accomplished designer and texture artist who has spent the past 6 years in the games industry. She has extensive experience in the development of digital entertainment. As texture artist for Valve Software, she set the look and feel of the game Half-Life creating over 3,500 textures for all environments in the game. Half-Life went on to win of over forty "Game of the Year" awards in 1999.

Previous experience included two shipping titles at the Starwave Corporation where she was animation coordinator/ background artist for " Eastwood," and responsible for the arrangement of all sector art in Castle Infinity. She contributed to the art direction of Zork Nemesis for Activision while at Rainsound, and developed the Materia Prima texture library for publication by the Rainsound/Valis Group.

Recognized for her unique talent, most recently she was asked to provide her artistic "touch" to Disney's newest game project.

Prior to getting involved in game development, Karen worked as Head Designer of New Product Development at Maya Romanoff - one of the most advanced, innovative interior furnishings manufacturers consistently featured in Architectural Digest. While at Maya Romanoff, Karen honed her skills as a texture artist designing handmade high-end wall coverings, and developing new methods and technologies for original design production.

Earlier, she also owned and managed a restaurant, "Dante's", in Washington DC. where she managed staff of 25-30 employees.

Karen's love of horses began when she started riding at the age of eight. Despite several rather serious accidents, she maintained a passion for them ever since even choosing to major in Equine Studies and Anthropology at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

Karen founded SimBiotic Games in 1999 to be able to create unique products that could combine high-end 3D game technology with content that was based on subjects that inspired passion. Given her specific familiarity with Riding Team's focus, and her significant accomplishments with a hit game, Karen will be the source of direction for the first product. Her vision is the driving force behind the company, and her critical eye for detail and passion for a quality product will set the tone for the company's work.