Matt Laur, Vice President and CTO
With a wide-ranging background in custom systems engineering, network and datacenter operations, e-commerce, consulting, and technical sales, Matt has most recently focused on the production of scalable, web-based business applications and transactional content engines.

Currently overseeing DC-area hosting operations and consulting in the Application Outsourcing business unit at ePartners, Inc., his earlier experiences in entertainment technology, multimedia systems, marketing, and the broadcast industry involved sustained work with clientele ranging from consumers (venues, studios, and performers throughout the mid-Atlantic music scene), to broadcast networks (Turner Broadcasting, ABC News), to the federal government (Navy Broadcasting, White House Communications).

His roles in application engineering, technical sales, trade exhibition, systems administration, product development, creative work, communications, training, and vendor/client relations with Bradley Broadcast Sales, Veneman Music Company, and ePartners have involved regular work with a range of clients and partners. Recently, he has worked with manufacturers (Polk Audio, Thales Communications), e-tailers (,,,,, government agencies (behind the scenes at the US Court Of Appeals/Federal Circuit), professional education and accreditation organizations ( American Healthcare Institute, COLA), publicly traded corporations (intranet work at The Mills Corporation), and association work for industry, professional groups, and cause/activist organizations (Earth Share, National Ocean Industries Association, The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, Community Action Partnership).

His steady work in both applied technology and revenue generation make Matt an ideal architect of the SimBiotic internetworking infrastructure and watchdog for Q/C, testing efforts, and security. His experience with field gathering and studio-side manipulation of digital audio also make Matt a natural choice to oversee the production of Riding Team's important audio content. His leadership in the development of an e-commerce/content product (Matt created and continues to manage the development of ePartners's TranGuard service, sold as a mission-critical e-business ASP service), and his ongoing role as a consultant to new web-facing operations are key to his involvement on the RidingTeam project.